Google Chrome Updated, Now Open Many Tabs Even If No Problem

Google Chrome Updated, Now Open Many Tabs Even If No Problem

For those of you who rely on the Google Chrome browser applicationon a Desktop device, there is now the latest information for you where this is good news. Because there is an update that makes you open many tabs even though you will not experience confusion in visiting again.

Because users can give color to the tabs that are opened and group them in a folder. That way you can divide it into folders and colors to make it easier to go to certain tabs.

Actually for this feature itself has been tested by Google since long ago, but now users in general can get the feature. And later you can sort tabs that are being opened based on the same topic, then grouped into one container.

For example, as you open the website, facebook , youtube, to whatsapp web in several tabs at once. Then you can give a color to whatsapp tabs , then group several open website tabs in one folder, as well as YouTube videos . So that it can be easier to access it again.

To enter tabs in this folder is easy, you can right-click on the tab and select “Add to new group” or “Add to new group”. And you can later give the name of the group according to the theme or topic stored in it.

For this feature will be rolled out in stages, and not only Google Chrome users on Windows , but also on MacOS, Linux, and a series of other desktop operating systems starting next week. So please be patient for longer if you want to get this useful update.

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