Google Chrome will be made more optimal and save resources

Google Chrome will be made more optimal and save resources

It can be said that for now the most dependable browser application is Google Chrome , which offers convenience for users to do a lot of activities on the internet, because many are integrated with Google services, which almost everyone already has.

And soon it will be reported that the search engine giant will offer updates to the Chrome application on MacOS. Where in this update will later offer major changes to the browser application , especially in the part of battery power consumption as well as performance improvements.

Max Christoff as Director of Chrome Engineering has revealed that Google will improve Chrome’s reputation on MacOS devices called the culprit of wasteful batteries and also very large RAM usage. He believes that this update will be 3 major improvements later.

“I see Chrome’s performance as a journey, not a destination. This is an ongoing investment in speed, performance and battery life, “Christoff said in connection with the Google Chrome update .

Then, Christoff has also revealed that in the next few months there will be a number of improvements given to the following browser applications on MacOS , including display ads that have proven to suck up a lot of device resources.

Then for the problem of ads that violate the restrictions on the use of these resources will be automatically blocked later, then replaced with a display that raises the ‘Ad Removed’ notification. Likewise with the way the system takes care of active tabs but have not been visited for a long time will also reduce the use of resources, so that it can be optimized for other needs.

In addition to the latest development of Google Chrome that will be endeavored that is mysterious optimization where this allows browser performance to run even faster. However, it is not explained when the update will start rolling out, maybe in the next few weeks.

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