Google Disconnect Sync with WhatsApp

Google Disconnect Sync with WhatsApp

For those of you who rely on the G-Drive service do not need to worry, because to break up the synchronization in question this time only applies to Google Photos which previously was by default connected to the WhatsApp application.

Maybe some of you are not aware of this, because indeed most Android phone users rely on their own gallery application, so do not really rely on Google Photos. However, if considered sufficiently deep, previously there were various kinds of folders that came from applications or other social media.

But now there is no more, where Google Photos does not support backing up photos from other applications anymore, so users must back up or save them manually if you want to view these photos on various devices online.

That is none other than because the traffic capacity is so high that makes Google Photos owned by users quickly full. Because during the COVID-19 pandemic many people shared moments while at home or memories of their vacation time to social media, including WhatsApp .

It is not only providing more lenient capacity for users, but this limitation also aims to save internet resources . Although the photo and video files do take up the user’s device memory, but the backup and download feature also uses bandwidth for transportation between Google servers and user devices.

Previously, restriction measures have been applied to streaming media services such as YouTube and Netflix, both services have been limited and reduced quality in order to reduce the burden on the internet by default.

And besides WhatsApp , there are several other services that are affected by the new Google Photos policy. Among them, such as Facebook , Instagram , Helo, LINE, Messages, Messenger, Snapchat, Twitter , and also Viber. For that, for those of you who feel that there are important photos, don’t forget to back up.

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