GTA Developer Had Turned Off His Online Game Server During US Riots

GTA Developer Had Turned Off His Online Game Server During US Riots

Not long ago there was an unpleasant incident in the United States, where the police have killed the life of George Floyd who has a black race. After this incident, riots exploded in the US and several industrial sectors were affected, including the Game business .

Not a few people who throw protests and make speeches in public, because indeed the following problems seem to contain a thick racism. And as a form of respect for the incident, some online game servers have been stopped for a while.

Among them, including GTA game developers who are popular lately, namely Rockstar Games . Then there were also 2K Games, and Take-Two Interactive which took part in temporarily shutting down online servers.

Some of the games that have been affected by the following actions are such as Grand Theft Auto Online, Red Dead Online, and also NBA 2K. These three popular games cannot be accessed on Thursday for about 2 hours.

A glimpse of the information George Floyd who was a victim who was able to invite thousands of people to take to the streets is a black citizen. His life was ended on May 25, 2020 yesterday in Minneapolis after being detained on the ground by several local police officers.

Because members of the police force should have been trained to make arrests, the police instead locked Floyd using his knees right at the neck. Because this lasted a long time, he finally ran out of oxygen and died on the spot.

The GTA game developer has shut down his online server at 2.00 – 4.00 PM EDT or 1.00 – 3.00 AM GMT + 7. However, for now it’s clear the server has returned to normal again, so that players can enjoy the game offered as usual.

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