Here Is One Interesting Feature on iOS 14, similar to Android

Here Is One Interesting Feature on iOS 14, similar to Android

Mutually imitating each other in competition has become commonplace, because indeed every developer always wants the best for the operating system made. As was done by Apple for iOS 14 in this development stage for example.

Several times it was known that Android also mimics the features of the iOS OS, and now it’s Apple’s turn to mimic a feature of Google ‘s operating system . This interesting feature in question is trying the application without the need to install it first on the device.

This information has been revealed from a line of code from the initial version of the OS update, namely from a new application programming interface (API) called Clips. This API allows applications to be able to offer interactive and dynamic content before it is installed on users’ iPhone or iPad devices .

The Clips API itself is also connected to the QR Code reader, so it is possible for developers to offer their applications to be tested by users without having to install on their devices that are running iOS 14 . So, users must scan this QR Code to try the application .

It is said that Apple will test these new features on a number of applications, such as DoorDash, OpenTable, PlayStation 4 Second Screen, Yelp, and also the YouTube application . A series of applications are likely to be tried and used as an example for Apple in the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) event which was transferred and became the online system.

WWDC 2020 event from Apple itself still does not get an official schedule for the implementation of the vendor, but certainly will be held in June 2020. Besides the operating system , there are several other things that will be introduced as well.

Back again on iOS 14 , it was reported that the operating system would offer a new feature called CarKey, which would allow iPhone and Apple Watch to unlock NFC-compatible car keys.

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