How to Check Hoax Messages on WhatsApp with New Features

How to Check Hoax Messages on WhatsApp with New Features

For now, the biggest challenge from a series of social media platforms and other internet services is related to the spread of hoax news. There is a lot of news that is untrue and disturbs the public at large. No exception on WhatsApp , which has the largest number of users from the instant message class.

Various kinds of efforts have been implemented by Facebook as the parent company. Where yesterday has limited message forwarding which can only be done once, and this time there is a fact-finding feature of the widely circulating message. So that users can be even wiser in using it.

However, user awareness of looking for correct information from the received news must also be high. Because if you stay careless as usual, of course this new feature will be useless and its presence is useless. Don’t know how to use it? You can see the following discussion and steps.

This feature is called Search the Web, where this feature works by easily uploading messages to the Google search engine via a browser application installed on the device. This feature will take the form of a magnifying glass and will be pinned to the right of the forwarded message.

The steps to check Hoax messages spread on WhatsApp , including:

  • When receiving a forwarded message, you can tap the magnifying glass icon to the right of the message
  • Then a pop-up message will appear that says “Do you want to search for this message on the web? This message will be uploaded to Google ”, and you can click“ Search on the WEB ”to continue
  • After that, you will be directed to the selected browser application to display search results based on that message
  • Read carefully from the various website platforms on the search engine to find out facts or hoaxes

However, for now this feature is still not available in Indonesia, WhatsApp users in the US, Brazil, UK, Italy, Ireland, Mexico and Spain have had an earlier chance to find this feature, because indeed the level of hoax spread in that country is quite severe. .

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