How to Connect Android Mobile to TV Easily

How to Connect Android Mobile to TV Easily

Because during work from home or maybe studying at home it makes you a little difficult to even experience boredom with your Android phone screen. If this happens, don’t worry, because you can use television at home to get wider visuals.

So, you can connect your cellphone to the television at home to get a bigger picture. You can open YouTube , Zoom, to play games in a much wider display on television sets.

And to make it happen, you can use Chromecast, this is an HDMI dongle that can bridge your smartphone with your television at home. The price itself is not too expensive, and you can buy it through trusted e-commerce according to you.

It’s easy to connect yourself, and first make sure you have the Google Home app installed on your phone. This android application is for controlling the HDM dongle that was prepared earlier.

  • First, connect the Chromecast to the television via the HDMI port
  • Then, activate the WiFi connection to synchronize, making sure it is on the same network
  • After that, open the Google Home application that has been installed on our Android phone
  • Then, select your Google account at the bottom
  • And make sure this selected account is verified to connect with Chromecast too
  • Then, click the “Local Devices” option to find the TV set that will be connected to the Smartphone device
  • After that, at the bottom you select “Device Settings”, you select the connected TV
  • Then the user’s cell phone can be directly connected to the TV set automatically

For Mirroring

As for mirroring where you can display all activities on your cellphone to the TV, you can apply the following steps.

  • Activate WiFi connection for synchronization, make sure it’s on the same network
  • Open Google Home
  • Select the Google account in the lower right
  • Select Mirror Device and wait for the TV to bring up your mobile screen
  • After that you click on Cast Screen or Audio to directly connect to your TV automatically

That’s more or less how to connect your Android mobile device to a TV at home to find a wider screen display and certainly relieved.

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