How To Enter PUBG Mobile 0.19 Beta To Feel An Update Early

How To Enter PUBG Mobile 0.19 Beta To Feel An Update Early

It is only natural that online services always have early access for some players to enjoy before they are officially offered to the public. No exception to this popular game PUBG Mobile too, which opens access for players who want to experience an update early.

Tencent Games after releasing an update to 0.18 then, soon afterwards rolled out a trial of version 0.19 Beta. It’s not yet fully in this update, but at least in outline all the latest features that will be offered in the future will be present in this beta.

Not just like that, players must register first to get PUBG Mobile 0.19 beta access later. And the process itself is very easy, so that all players have the opportunity to get the trial.

First the player can access the link to open the registration portal first. Then you can log in using an account and after that will be directed to the survey page.

Only then can you fill out the survey correctly and in detail, according to your Mobile PUBG ID characters such as Age and so on. After everything is filled in correctly, you can click the submit button, and open your game application .

After a few days of sending the message, you will most likely get a notification related to confirmation for the installation of the beta application . And you can download it via a special link given to each of these players.

” PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 beta testing recruitment will begin soon. Players who are interested in registering for this beta test can send surveys. GameExp is a Tencent Games internal beta testing platform. Selected applicants will be contacted by the GameExp team. The beta download link will soon be available to everyone, “this is the description provided by Tencent Games.

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