How to Install iOS 14 Beta on an iPhone that Get Support

How to Install iOS 14 Beta on an iPhone that Get Support

For those of you iPhone users who are already running the iOS 13 operating system, you need to be proud, because this year Apple has not reduced the number of devices that can run its newest operating system, iOS 14 .

Even older phones like the iPhone 6s are known to still be given the opportunity to get support for the operating system update. And the good news is, you guys have started testing now too.

But it is important to know that in this beta version it is still not stable, there are various kinds of bugs that can occur at any time when you operate it. But if indeed you are curious and while there is an old iPhone ( iOS 13 ) that is not so used, you can refer to the update steps as follows.

How to Update iOS 14 on iPhone

Before entering the installation step, make sure you backup the data first, whether it’s to microSD (which must be removed during the installation process), or maybe to a laptop or other external memory. Then new to the next point:

  • Also make sure the battery is fully charged, and you should be connected to a WiFi network
  • After that, enter the browser application ( Safari ) and visit the link
  • Sign up if you have not registered yet, but you can also log in using Apple ID if you have registered before
  • Give a check mark for approval of the beta program rules
  • Please select iOS and scroll to the Get Started section, then select Enroll Your iOS Device
  • After that, scroll to the Install Profile section, and click Download Profile, if there is a pop-up notification, just click allow
  • Then you open Settings, and at the top you will see the Download Profile
  • Click on that section and after that, you click install. When done, click Done
  • Some models will restart later, so don’t worry
  • And if it’s already turned on again, then click Settings >> General >> Software Update
  • Then, when the iOS 14 Public Beta information appears, you click Download and Install
  • Wait a few moments until the process is complete, and when it starts again already in iOS 14

That’s if easy steps in installing iOS 14 Beta which has begun to be rolled out by Apple to be tested for those who want it.

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