How To Lock Facebook Messenger Application To Be Safer

How To Lock Facebook Messenger Application To Be Safer

Keep in mind that for the security system that has been offered by each developer this is good enough, because there is nothing perfect. These include Facebook Messenger , which continues to improve security of its services.

In terms of the system it has already been done, but in terms of the application may have to be from the users themselves to activate it. Because when the device is borrowed like that, then friends will not be able to open conversation applications such as WhatsApp or Messenger, when you activate the locking feature.

Not long ago, the social media giant rolled it out for iPhone and iPad users . This feature called App Lock has been presented for use by users to secure their applications when a device is borrowed by a friend, using Face ID or Touch ID technology. And for those of you who want to activate it, consider the following complete method.

Tricks Activate Messenger Lock Feature

Indeed, for this feature you can use the same data as the unlock, for example to unlock the screen using the touch ID thumb, as well as the Facebook Messenger application . However, when the lock screen is opened, a friend will not be able to open Messenger, but must input the original user’s thumb data again.

  • First, you make sure that the installed application is the most updated via the App Store
  • Then you can open the Messenger application
  • After that, tap on the profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Next you tap Privacy
  • Then, please activate the Google Require Face ID
  • You choose the locking time period immediately after leaving the Messenger application, this is more recommended because sometimes the device is also directly borrowed by friends
  • Tap OK

More or less that’s how to lock the Facebook Messenger application easily so that no peeping from your friends. Yes, although close friends, of course you have some privacy that may not need to be known by others.

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