How to make an avatar on Facebook easily and quickly

How to make an avatar on Facebook easily and quickly

In the last few days thisdistinctive blue social media platform has been enlivening with avatars. Where for this feature itself is new to Facebook , and can be enjoyed by every user.

If you remember, a feature like this was previously available on Snapchat under the name Bitmoji. And through the following avatars, users can share their emotions and express their feelings more quickly, so that their own communication is also more fun to do with their friends on social media.

The following avatars can be used as comments, stories, etc. And this feature can also make user profiles into cartoon identities, smileys, and animated stickers. Maybe you are interested in trying it, you can immediately follow the steps as follows.

How to Create an Avatar on Facebook

Due to this there are already features used to make it, so you no longer need to install third-party applications to make it. The steps are that you can follow the guidelines as follows.

  • First, you must first update the Facebook application via the Google Play Store or App Store
  • After that, click on the three lines icon at the bottom right of the screen
  • Then you click “See More” or “See More”
  • And select “Avatars”
  • After that click “Next” and go to “Get Sarted”
  • Later you can choose your preferred skin color to apply to the avatar, then select “Next”
  • Determine the hairstyle and color, face shape, eye shape and color, make-up, eyebrows, nose shape, mustache and beard, body shape, clothes, and much more
  • Adjust based on your own preferences and desires or customize your shape for real, then click Next and Done to end
  • Then, you can use this finished avatar as a profile photo, or maybe share it to the feed by selecting the arrow at the top right of the screen
  • Besides that, you can also see your avatar sticker on the sticker icon, and use it in the comments column too

That’s more or less how to make an avatar on Facebook easily and quickly that you can apply to your respective accounts to make your account more exciting and interesting.

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