How to see your friends’ WhatsApp status without being caught at all

How to see your friends’ WhatsApp status without being caught at all

Facebook as the parent company has tried to offer features that have been popular in one of its services to be presented to other platforms. Like this status for example, where after it is present on Instagram it is now present on WhatsApp.

And it turns out it is true, where for this feature has been favored by many people, because they can share the excitement in just 24 hours. After that the status will disappear by itself.

However, there are times when you don’t want to get caught while looking at your friend’s status, whether it’s because the person who made it is an ex, or maybe other friends. And the way is very easy, you don’t need to install a third-party application that could even jeopardize the privacy of your account.

Tricks to See WhatsApp Status Without Being Found

  • See Without Knocking

The first trick that can be done to see the status of your friends without getting caught at all is do not knock on the status, because it will make you caught online. And if it is offline it will not be discovered at that time, but when it returns online the status of the visits will still appear.

So, don’t tap on their status, because it will be clearly seen if their status is only a text through an existing thumbnail. But if the writing is long, it still can’t be seen.

  • View from File Explorer

The second step that can be applied to see the status of WA without being discovered at all is through file explorer, where you can manage to display hidden files first. Then enter the WhatsApp folder .

After that, go to the media folder >> .Statuses, later you can see a series of statuses uploaded by friends from here, and if you want to save, you can also directly move them to another folder.

Like that’s more or less how to see the WhatsApp status of friends without getting caught at all. How, very easy right? Good luck.

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