How to Share Location on WhatsApp So Easy to Track

How to Share Location on WhatsApp So Easy to Track

As you all know that the WhatsApp applicationdoes not only offer messaging services, it can also make video calls, voice calls, share files, and share locations too.

With many of the following features, it will obviously make the user easier and more comfortable using it. However, the problem of this live location feature , where users often get inaccurate locations, so that our friends can get lost somewhere.

Or maybe it could be that your location sometimes doesn’t show up because your network of friends is weak, because it’s in an area that’s quite difficult for the signal. For that, you can apply the following steps to overcome such problems.

How to Share WhatsApp Locations to Other Users

No need to worry about stalkers threatening you, because this location sharing feature has also been equipped with end-to-end encryption features , so that no third party will know the contents of the message or the location shared.

  • The first step you can access the conversation column of the person or group you want to give your location
  • Click the message input field and you can tap the attachment icon which is just to the left of the camera icon
  • Some options will appear, you choose the location
  • Here you see the condition of your network, if it’s good and smooth to access the internet , you can tap to share the latest location. You will also provide information on the development of your location when you move, so that friends can also know its whereabouts
  • As for devices with inadequate networks, make sure you have an accurate position, then click the send your current location option. This step will not update the location, so it is recommended not to move, but will be easily seen by the recipient.

Due to the unstable network, our location sharing feature will also be hampered, so that when the recipient tries to access and track you, sometimes it will not appear or even inconsequential in the coordinates.

That’s more or less how to share your location on WhatsApp accurately easily, which you can apply to your friends. Good luck.

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