Huawei services are growing and stronger than Google

Huawei services are growing and stronger than Google

It has been a year since the Google company was terminated with the United States government because the Huawei companywas on the blacklist. Thus, the device made can no longer get Google Mobile Services services.

Thus, various kinds of Google applications also can not run even though the user has managed to install it though. However, this OPPO competitor does not stay silent and just give up, because now it is also being serious in developing its own services.

Huawei Mobile Services, aka HMS, is a solution that can keep its cellphone business running. Indeed, at the beginning there were many shortcomings and the number of applications was not as much as in the Google Play Store . But over time, many developers have also joined the Chinese company to strengthen the HMS ecosystem.

” Huawei Mobile Service is software capabilities to build community, because Huawei not only carries ecosystem hardware but also develops digital ecosystem software,” is more or less like that from Lo Khing Seng as Huawei Country Indonesia’s Deputy Country Director through Huawei Mobile Indonesia’s official YouTube channel .

Please note that this HMS is now spread in 170 countries with a total number of users of more than 400 million per month. Lo Khing Seng has also stated that there are already 1.3 million developers and partners who participated in the development of this HMS, so that now the company is more confident to be independent.

Previously, this company had made several components of the cell phone independently, such as the Kirin chipset for example. Where most vendors still rely on Snapdragon and MediaTek, Honor’s parent company has been able to create its own chipset, although sometimes it still uses products made by MediaTek.

Coupled with this HMS service, making Huawei now more independent. So that in the future, it will not be impossible to match Apple with its exclusive service, so that it can become an expensive brand in the market.

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