Huawei Teams Up With This Service To Replace YouTube Application

Huawei Teams Up With This Service To Replace YouTube Application

Due to the inclusion of Huawei in the US government’s black list, this company from China is unable to cooperate with a number of parties, including offering Google applications such as YouTube, Chrome, and the like.

Therefore, for Huawei cell phone users who want to watch streaming media a little trouble because there is no support for this popular YouTube application . But users can still take advantage of website services, so that they can access it through a browser application.

Do not lose your mind and continue to strive to restore the sales ecosystem of its smartphone , now it is reported that Huawei has prepared a replacement for streaming media. It was said that Dailymotion became the most effective replacement service on the cellphone.

As explained in the official Dailymotion blog, video technology developed by them will be used in the Huawei Video application. And for later users can also access Dailymotion content to monetize their videos.

Please note that Dailymotion now has around 250 million active users worldwide. Where the video streaming service itself has also been utilized by a number of well-known media groups in the World such as Le Monde, I’Equipe, BeIN SPORTS, JPI Media, Marie Claire, to the NBA G League. While in Indonesia there are Viva Group, Metro TV, also

In connection with the following, Huawei still has not provided further information regarding its cooperation with Dailymotion. However, in addition to this YouTube replacement in January, it has formed a partnership with TomTom as a substitute for digital map services, Google Maps on its Android mobile phone .

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