Interesting Things in the Latest Free Fire Update

Interesting Things in the Latest Free Fire Update

Just like other online games, where Free Fire has recently been updated. In this latest update, there are some interesting things that every player should know, because it will add to the excitement in the game.

This is the first time the players will enter the first season in Clash Squad Rank mode, which is a new mode where all the maps will be played randomly. The plan, the new mode will begin today.

Later each player who participates in the mode will also receive a prize in the form of Golden Eagle, for those who have reached the Gold III level. Then there is also a new character named Wolfrahh, where he is a streamer with unique abilities.

Wolfrahh has been equipped with the ability to reduce the headshot damage it receives by 25 percent, while increasing the damage done to enemies by 15 percent. In addition to the new character in Free Fire , players can also find the latest pet named Falco.

This falco is an eagle equipped with the Skyline Spree skill, which can increase diving speed by up to 50 percent after the parachute is opened. For Falco itself, it can also increase the speed of gliding skydive up to 45 percent.

Then, there is also a new weapon called M82B that is suitable for you with the ability to shoot enemies from a great distance, aka sniper. Then there are also adjustments occur in weapons M1887, SKS and also SVD.

And there is also the addition of sticker slots so that players can now provide 8 different stickers, also presenting Purgatory mode in classic mode. No less important, developers also improve the anti-hack security system to further tighten the players so as not to commit fraud.

Not just suspending accounts for years, but Free Fire players who are known to use or perform suspicious actions will be permanently banned. Therefore, increase your own abilities so you can get Booyah easily.

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