iPhone 12 no longer sold in complete package?

iPhone 12 no longer sold in complete package?

As if it has become commonplace for Apple to outsmart its marketing in order to get the maximum profit from selling a variety of homemade products. And it looks like the iPhone 12 will be even worse, which is no longer the same as a smartphone device in general.

Due to analysts who often predict Apple products quite accurately, Ming Chi Kuo has given his prediction that the next generation iPhone 11 series will no longer be equipped with accessories such as chargers or earphone cables.

But consumers will only get a USB-C cable in their purchase package, so that the adapter is no longer included as usual. From Kuo’s statement, this was done by Apple so that production costs incurred were not much, so as to provide lower selling prices to consumers.

Not only that, but with the addition of an integrated 5G network on the iPhone 12 is also not cheap. Some supporting components in it can be said to be more expensive than those of the iPhone 11 Pro Max which only supports up to 4G networks only.

Maybe you can still use the old charger adapter from the device, but when consumers want maximum charging performance. Of course they have to buy it separately. And Apple will launch a charging adapter with 20W capability, and is expected to start laying off standard 5W and 18W capacities.

In addition to predicting the completeness of the sales package, Kuo also estimates that iPhone production this year will experience delays. At least four to six weeks longer than normal time last year.

And for the iPhone 12 series itself will come in 4 variants, where the screen size is 5.5 inches, duo 6.1 inches, and Pro Max 6.7 inches. Later there will be several variants between 4G and 5G networks, adjusting from the model as well as the market segment. So what is the truth like? Let’s wait for the next information development.

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