iPhone SE 2020 Success, Apple Want to Make a Cheap iPhone Again

iPhone SE 2020 Success, Apple Want to Make a Cheap iPhone Again

The presence of the iPhone SE 2020 yesterday made a big surprise, because Apple is not the same as usual where it always sells its best devices at high prices. You could say the fastest iPhone cheap right now is the second generation SE.

Sales of the second generation iPhone SE are also incredible, where many fans have been interested in proposing the latest Apple device . Due to the low price tag, he can still enjoy speeding performance, as well as support for regular iOS updates .

Due to selling well on the market, it was called by MauriQHD that Apple was preparing for the iPhone SE 2 Plus. However, there are some who believe that the variant will be the next generation of the iPhone SE 2020 by carrying the name iPhone SE 3.

For performance problems it still relies on the same A13 Bionic as embedded in the iPhone 11 series. And for display problems, the successor of the iPhone SE 2020 will later carry a concept similar to the iPhone X , it’s just that there is no more notch at the top.

That’s because there really won’t be a face scanner sensor that will be pinned on the latest cheap iPhone. And Samsung competitors are said to be offering security technology for fingerprint scanners on the sides of the phone’s body.

Then there are also estimates that reveal that the latest iPhone will be released later this year. Due to keep the price offered, Apple will only embed 4G LTE network support.

Because this is still limited to rumors and conjectures, it cannot yet be believed to be 100 percent true. However, it is also possible, considering that this is a good opportunity to prepare the successor to the iPhone SE 2020 which has received extraordinary attention from lovers of Apple products as well as some users of Android phones .

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