Is this the Concept of GTA VI Map?

Is this the Concept of GTA VI Map?

For now Rockstar is still giving full support to the GTA V game, and even some time ago it was announced that this game was promised to be present on PS5 as well. But besides that, various leaks related to its successor namely GTA VI have also begun to circulate.

Although it’s still not officially from the developer side, there are at least a few things that can be expected from the open world adventure game . Because it offers a very broad map, making developers also need a very long time to make it, especially with the use of the latest graphics technology that can make the display more real.

Based on information reported by Gamerant, some fans have made a map of GTA VI with a description of a series of rumors that have circulated in the virtual universe before. And for this description is also quite satisfying, because it offers a place that is truly in accordance with the wishes of the fans.

Although actually Rockstar himself hasn’t commented on anything related to this, but at least if the design of the GTA VI map will later be realized by the development it will be good news for the fans. Where for the map will also go through Liberty City and Vice City.

For the concept of the map that was designed by the fans has been widely spread on the Reddit forum, where in the map besides connecting Liberty City and Vice City, there are also the addition of several other cities such as Los Santos and the San Andreas region.

Even though this map actually makes no sense, this map seems to have attracted the attention of other fans, and appreciated the map concept makers of this GTA game series.

Many hope that next year, GTA VI can be released but some circles say the adventure game cannot be present in the near future, because developers still need more thorough preparation.

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