Know the Various Types and Functions of Cookies on the Website

Know the Various Types and Functions of Cookies on the Website

Ever heard the term ‘cookies’ on a website? Of course, this term is familiar, especially for those of you who pursue the world of websites. The function of cookies on the website is very much. However, it turns out there are still those who do not understand what cookies are and what they are for. Well, cookie itself is a term to refer to a set of information that contains a track record and activity when browsing a website.

Know the Types of Cookies

More simply, cookies can be referred to as a collection of data that a computer receives from a site, then sends the data back to that site. There are two types of cookies known in the world of websites, namely session cookies and persistent cookies.

Permanent cookies are types of cookies that are automatically set by the advertising media, portal sites, and banners that you want to know when the user returns to the site. This condition usually occurs when a site gives the user a ‘Remember Me’ option during the login process. If the user agrees, the user file or data will be stored on the user’s hard disk.

In contrast to persistent cookies, session cookies are a type of cookies that disappears immediately when the user exits the site or closes the site. Usually, these cookies are widely used for ‘shopping carts’ at online shopping stores. Its function is to browse various products that are likely to be liked and bought by users.

Are Cookies Safe to Use?

Under normal circumstances, the use of cookies is certainly quite safe because basically it will not transfer malware or viruses. This is considering that the various data carried by these cookies, can not be changed when transferred from the web to the computer or vice versa. Yes, the transfer of data or file cookies does not affect the user’s computer at all.

However, keep in mind that the internet is still an internet that requires users to be more careful and careful when doing various activities on it. Therefore, we should not visit sites that look suspicious and contain certain dangers. The aim is that information stored on these cookies is not stolen or hacked by irresponsible parties.

Various Functions Cookies on the Website

Cookies offer many benefits for users. The existence of cookies features is what can make a website can store data and track records of visitors. Well, here are the various functions of cookies on the website :

  1. Storing login data and information
    The first function of cookies is to store user login data and information. This function will make it easier for users when visiting a site that has been visited before, because visitors no longer need to write passwords and usernames repeatedly on the same website or site.
    Well, the existence of this cookie function is very useful for the visitors who often forget about the username or password to login. When this cookie function works properly on a computer, we no longer need to worry about login username and password, because all login information will be stored properly by cookies.
  2. Displaying various advertisements
    Cookies function which is then able to display certain advertisements according to browsing activities run by users or visitors. For example, if we just visited an online store website that sells shoes, then we go to other sites to read news on the online portal, then often ads will appear immediately related to shoe products that we just saw. So even with various types of other product advertisements.
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  3. Saving website settings
    Cookies also play a role in storing all forms of website settings that we visit. For example, when a website displays a choice between English or Indonesian. Then, visitors make their choice to use Indonesian language settings.
    Then, the cookies will remember and save the visitor’s choice. So, later when visitors enter the website again, the website will automatically display Indonesian language content without being asked, according to the language chosen by previous visitors.
  4. Providing content that is personal
    Cookies also allow a site to provide various types of content more personally with visitors. For example, visitors often look for shoes and cosmetic products in an online store, so when visitors return to the online store again, suggestions or recommendations on shoe and cosmetic product items will appear immediately according to previous searches.
    That is, cookies will provide a more personalized online shopping experience to visitors. This is because the function of cookies can store all activities and track records carried out by visitors to the online store.
    That’s the various functions of cookies on the website. It is undeniable that cookies do have many functions that will facilitate the user when surfing in cyberspace. However, it would be nice if you regularly delete data cookies regularly, so you can avoid the possibility of unwanted bad.
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