Latest Windows 10 Update Makes PC More Slow, How come Microsoft is silent?

Latest Windows 10 Update Makes PC More Slow, How come Microsoft is silent?

Updates for the Windows 10 operating system are still ongoing, Microsoft is making various innovations to make the Desktop operating system run smoothly and make the operating system better and smoother. And most recently, this software giant has rolled out the KB4512941 version.

This Windows 10 Build 18362,329 update has fixed a number of problems that occurred in the previous version. However, in this update Microsoft is considered even bringing new problems for its users.

Those who have made an update complain that their device has experienced a significant increase in resources. The most important complaint occurs on the Cortana service which consumes far more resources compared to previous versions.

As reported by KompasTekno media, Process SearchUI.exe that enters the Cortana service for CPUs can reach 40%, then for memory can be up to 100MB to 200MB. Thus, the device will heat up faster when used, and when running certain applications may occur lag / not smooth. Not to mention that on a Laptop device, it can more quickly drain the battery.

If indeed you as users feel upset with this version of Windows 10 update , you can immediately restore it to the old version. However, if you want to survive in this version, you can kill the Cortana service for a while by entering the registry editor, and changing
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Search .
Then look for BingSearchEnabled and change the number to 1.

It is still not known for certain the cause of the increasingly voracious Cortana service, because Microsoft also did not provide detailed information regarding the update. It could be because of the increasing integration of the search process, thus making Cortana even harder in the latest Windows 10.

Some users have reported the problem they are experiencing to Microsoft, but they still haven’t received a response regarding the Windows 10 update problem . Will the next version be fixed? We wait.

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