Lenovo Gaming Smartphones Have Unique Camera Spaces

Lenovo Gaming Smartphones Have Unique Camera Spaces

Due to the rise of mobile gaming, many vendors are interested in creating smartphones that are specifically made to meet the needs of playing games by users. And the last few days leaked related to thelatest Gaming Smartphone from Lenovo.

Just like ASUS , where Lenovo has also given orders to its subsidiary that is specialized in gaming, namely Legion. Recent reports have revealed images from the device clearly in video format.

From the images uploaded by XDA Developers it is known that Lenovo will implement camera places that are unique and different from cellphones in general. The latest Gaming Smartphone from Legion will come with a pop-up camera on the side, right in the middle.

For camera sensors located on the side of the pop-up it has a resolution of 20MP. The goal is placed on the side of the user so that it’s easy to access even in game play mode though.

Likewise on the back, where for dual cameras are not placed at the top, left corner or other mainstream parts. Because this Lenovo Gaming Smartphone will come with dual cameras that are exactly in the middle of the rear body. While exactly in the center pinned LED Flash.

For dual rear cameras each has a resolution of 64MP + 16MP. Then there is also the Legion logo shaped like the letter Y. And it could be that this will later be lit as the ROG logo on the ASUS ROG Phone 2 which will clearly become its next tough competitor.

And because it is intended to meet the high gaming needs of users, of course the latest Gaming Smartphone from Lenovo is at least equipped with a Snapdragon 865 chipset. And it could be that the internal memory offered reaches 12GB with 256GB of internal storage capacity.

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