Let’s Check Your Mental Health Through Surveys in Google Search

Let’s Check Your Mental Health Through Surveys in Google Search

In the last few months, global problems are indeed not good, because there is indeed a corona virus infection that is widespread throughout the country. Party Google has opted to help the wider community in calming him.

During the quarantine period some time ago, making it clear they will experience mental disorders if they do not get the right entertainment. Mentioned that in the United States alone there are 48 million adults who experience life with anxiety disorders.

And through its search engine now Google has offered the Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7 (GAD-7) questionnaire from home to the wider community, especially the United States. When users later search for information related to anxiety, they will see the survey in 7 questions.

For this survey itself is not arbitrary, because it has been clinically validated which includes several questions that health workers may often ask patients. The survey offered by Google in its search engine was designed to give perspective to people who feel anxiety related to symptoms compared to others.

In addition, the knowledge panel will also display information about symptoms and treatments related to this anxiety. This YouTube parent company has collaborated with Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), which is one of the largest mental health organizations in the US.

This organization has explained that the search engine will not collect or distribute one of the questionnaires that has been completed by someone. And this is the third collaboration in giving users access to information as well as their support.

In addition, users will also find questionnaires that have been designed to help sufferers of depression or PTSD. Not only with Google , but this survey will also hold other companies such as Snapchat and Facebook .

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