MacBook Users Must Update Systems To Be More Durable

MacBook Users Must Update Systems To Be More Durable

Not just from a Smartphone device, but Apple’s business is supported by a variety of products and services that seem exclusive in the market. One of the world’s most interesting is the MacBook, a laptop with a stylish design and reliable performance.

And to provide a better user experience, Apple has released a MacOS update to fix a number of issues and improve user operations.

The most striking change is related to the health of laptop batteries , which can make the device more durable. For the latest features offered namely Battery Health Management, which for now is still under development as well as several tests on a handful of users.

Reported by Cnet, MacBook users will get an updated MacOS Catalina version 10.15.5 in the near future to enjoy the latest features in question. In addition, Apple also revealed the performance of these features how to make the battery last longer.

The announcement said that Apple had made a few changes to how the laptop battery was charged, then monitored the charging pattern and the heat level of the device’s battery. It aims to reduce the level of chemical aging in the battery so that it can make it last longer.

The trick is to prevent recharging the battery to the maximum level or 100% in some cases. For example, like a user who is always plugging a laptop into a power source at all times, maintaining the battery level so that at 100% it can actually make the battery less durable. So Apple makes changes depending on several factors such as ambient temperature, processor charge, to the charging pattern.

Indeed, this will not have a major impact on the MacBook’s battery , but it can at least keep the user’s device going to last much longer. And this feature will be activated by default after a MacOS update. This feature itself will be available on all devices supported by Thunderbolt 3.

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