Marksman, New Hero in Mobile Legends is More Obvious, The Granger Substitute?

Marksman, New Hero in Mobile Legends is More Obvious, The Granger Substitute?

Some time ago there was a new hero named barts who as a figure of a fighter / tank, his ability to defend and attack is indeed no doubt. But there are still other heroes who reportedly are still in the planning stage to be further developed in the Mobile Legends game.

This new hero is a marksman / assassin character, so it is more focused on the level of attack and agility of the character. There are not too many leaks, and it hasn’t been released on Advance Server yet, but there are indications to be the next hero.

According to several leak accounts that circulate widely on the internet, mentioning that this hero will be present later with the name Pronti. He will have the role of Marksman and also Assassin with special abilities Burst and also Reap.

Now, with the use of high burst damage special effects, then the hero indirectly seems to be a substitute for Granger, which is still a mainstay of many players in the Mobile Legends game , because it offers abilities that are still fairly terrible as a marksman.

Besides that, Granger himself also has a dash skill that makes his movements more agile, difficult to kidnap. Then for the ultimate skill that has extraordinary attack power, can kill enemies in an area within a considerable distance though.

Back again to Pronti, where there is still not much information related to the presence of this latest marksman hero, including what strength he will have. However, some mention that this hero will also come with complete skills, where there is great damage, dash, and also long-range attacks.

It was reported that Pronti will be present at the Advanced Server Mobile Legends at the end of July 2020, but it does not rule out new possibilities for players to be tested in August 2020.

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