Microsoft Update Interface Windows 10

Microsoft Update Interface Windows 10

Although it has actually been rolling for public users, Microsoft continues to make updates to the mainstay of the Desktop operating system users. Windows 10 has received display updates several times.

But now the operating system is getting a refresh look again, so users are not too heavy in using the device to come. For this new look has been rolled out for testers since the beginning of July 2020 yesterday.

This time the change occurred in the Start screen, which has made the color options even smoother. The design itself is also slimmer by removing the solite color plate on the back of the login in the application list .

“We are refreshing the Start menu with a slimmer design that removes the solid color plates behind the login in the application list and applies a partially uniform, semi-transparent color background to Live Tiles,” that’s what Microsoft said in its official blog post.

Reducing the color of the interface in the Tiles box in this part of the menu will be simpler, and made even easier to scan applications that are often used by users. It’s not too much, but with changes to the Start section it seems more effective, so users can get to certain applications faster.

Not only the Start, but this latest Windows 10 includes changes to Alt-Tab, where all tabs that open in the Microsoft Edge browser will appear in the menu. However, this feature is turned off by default, so users need to activate it.

In addition there will be a slight change in the notification section, where users will find the X icon in the upper right corner, where users can press this icon to delete quickly.

Then there are also improvements to the Settings application section in Windows 10 , which allows users to quickly access more setting options. You can get this update when you register in the beta program, while the new regular version will get it some time to come.

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