Mozilla also offers VPN services

Mozilla also offers VPN services

After conducting a trial period since the last few months, in the end Mozilla has steadily launched a virtual private network service or commonly known as VPN. Where for this service the last few times is being popular, because it is used to get speed access to certain networks safely and quickly.

This VPN service is application based and can be used by users widely. The naming itself is also very familiar, namely Mozilla VPN and now users can download it through Microsoft Store ( Windows 10 ), Google Play Store ( Android ), and Apple Store ( iOS ).

Because this is a standalone application, users no longer need to install the Firefox browser application either. Users are given the freedom to use this service to access it using other applications or browsers. As for its presence on MacOS and Linux, it is said that it will follow later.

To enjoy the Mozilla VPN service itself, you also have to pay a subscription fee, where users have to pay a fee of 4.99 USD / month. With this price, users will get features such as privacy protection claims, identity, to user data when accessing outside networks.

The use of the WireGuard security protocol is also one reason VPN services are more attractive than others. Because it is only composed of 4,000 lines of code, which is far less than the others reaching hundreds of thousands.

Thanks to the use of this small line of code, users will also get a faster browsing experience. And although a little, but the security problem will certainly be guaranteed.

In addition, the appearance of the Mozilla VPN UI itself is also simple, making it easier for ordinary users though. And it also claims that there is no user data storage or collection on its server.

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