Nearly One Thousand Creepware Applications Cleaned from the Google Play Store

Nearly One Thousand Creepware Applications Cleaned from the Google Play Store

Not only that is clearly dangerous because it contains dangerous malware in it, but recently the Google Play Store has cleaned a series of applications that are categorized as creepware, which could potentially or threaten the safety as well as the convenience of Android HP users.

For the term creepware itself has emerged from a group of academics who have conducted research on the existence of applications which have the same behavior as a stalker or stalker. Until finally New York University academics, Cornell Tech and NortonLifeLock have made a paper with the title ‘The Many Kinds of Creepware USed for Interpersonal Attacks’.

This creepware application does not have the exact features of spyware or stalkerware. It’s just still able to stalk, interfere, cheat, to threaten others directly or indirectly. And these academics have also developed an algorithm called CreepRank which is able to identify applications that have such behavior.

This CreepRank algorithm can identify an application that can extract SMS messages from the device, mimic the user’s identity in conversations in instant messaging or SMS applications, launch denial of service attacks, control other applications, monitor locations, hide applications , and so on.

For applications like that it will not be included in the qualification as spyware, but still can be misused its ability, or even can be put together for other applications in order to have more intrusive capabilities.

Researchers have done an analysis of 50 million devices after making this algorithm, and data has been provided by NortonLifeLock from devices that have been running the Norton Mobile Security application. They have run CreepRank on anonymous data samples from installed applications.

And analysts of 1000 applications with the highest CreepRank say that 857 of them are included in creepware. When applied to data from 2017 ago, the number of creepware applications can reach thousands of applications on the Google Play Store . But now it does not exist, because it has been cleaned by Google after getting the data report.

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