New Google Features Can Prevent Spam Calls That Often Harm Users

New Google Features Can Prevent Spam Calls That Often Harm Users

In contrast to chat, where users can be more panicked when getting a call, let alone the number they have is still anonymous. Therefore, many scams occur when they make spam calls .

Basically they are not making random calls, because some of them do get user numbers from certain data sources, which the owner may not realize. And to prevent calls that often harm users like this, Google offers new features that might help minimize.

Where for this new feature will later help Android phone users who are hesitant to pick up calls from unknown numbers, aka not yet in their contact list. This internet giant has introduced a call verification feature or Verified Calls which allows to identify numbers.

“Verified Calls will help you make a decision about incoming phone calls,” that is the description from Google on the official blog page. And for the call verification feature is clearly different when compared with number identification applications such as True Caller or GetContact.

Google only identifies company numbers or business numbers that have carried out the verification process before, so that there is no potential for spam calls. And the main requirement that must be fulfilled by the user is to install the Google Phone application on his device.

So when a company makes a call, data matching will be performed first on the server, aiming to ensure that the number that is calling is indeed a business number. And when it is certain, the Google Phone application will provide data such as company name, logo and calling requirements.

For these needs problems such as package delivery services, food, internet bills , and the like. And no need to worry about data leakage, because after a few minutes the call is received, the information will be deleted from the server. And users can also avoid spam calls that have often been troubling many users.

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