Night Mode Features Start Present on Google Chrome Desktop

Night Mode Features Start Present on Google Chrome Desktop

As we know that the Night Mode feature is one that is now beginning to be glimpsed by many application developers, not only social media but also some popular application developers are also interested in implementing it. Like Google Chrome , for example, which just got an update.

In this update to version 73, users can start enjoying the Night Mode features that have been long awaited. The latest Google Chrome application itself has also begun to be installed on Windows and MacOS operating systems .

For appearance is also standard, like Night Mode in general, where most of the screen that was originally white, now black. There are only a few white objects that are displayed, for example certain posts or icons.

If you look at the Night Mode feature on Google Chrome this time it’s quite similar to the existing Incognito mode. However, the appearance of the website in the dark mode is also changed, so that users still get comfort when looking at the screen, even when in the scope of a room with low light though.

Not only the dark mode feature that is presented in the Chrome 73 update this time, but there are also tab grouping features where users can set tabs that are opened with more specifications and neatly organized. In addition, there are also multimedia keyboard shortcuts that work to facilitate multimedia activities, such as stopping, playing to play the next song / video easily.

Still not finished, there is also a PiP feature that automatically activates when the user moves the video being played. Then also presented a new Sync feature and Google Service in the Settings menu so that users can easily control data and other options. And many more updates are present in version 73 this time.

In addition, Google Chrome on Android will reportedly also get this Night Mode feature update , but there is still no certainty about the release schedule.

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