Not Long ago, The Mystery Mode of Sanhok PUBG Mobile was immediately deleted

Not Long ago, The Mystery Mode of Sanhok PUBG Mobile was immediately deleted

In an update a few days ago, players could enjoy a new mode that was more exciting than having to just play in classic mode which only offered a battle. Yes, the Sanhok map at PUBG Mobile has been offered several additional accessories in hopes of making the game even more exciting.

But unfortunately, there are accessories that have now been removed so that players can no longer fully enjoy this mystery mode . This is related to the totem alias statue that can be worshiped by players in hopes of getting interesting items.

But the Indonesian players do not like the presence of this, because it is indeed forbidden in Islam to worship such goods. Even though it is actually in the game , it is feared that players who lack understanding can mimic it in the real world as well.

Plus the characters in the PUBG Mobile game make certain moves during the worship process in front of the totem statue. This confirms that this action is a form of idol worship which is strictly forbidden in Islam.

Obviously this will really affect, because the majority of Indonesia’s population is also Muslim and even the most in the World. Therefore, Tencent does not want to take risks and has taken swift actions to improve it.

As if he didn’t want to lose his players in the country, Mysterious Jungle mode was immediately deleted by the developer. This information is reinforced by a number of comments from PUBGM Indonesia players who say that if the mode is no longer available to play.

However, it is still unknown whether only Indonesia has been deleted, or maybe overall in the PUBG Mobile game in Southeast Asia, or even globally. Because there really is no connection information from the official PUBGM global account.

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