Officially Released and Can Be Installed, A Line of New Features on iOS 13.6

Officially Released and Can Be Installed, A Line of New Features on iOS 13.6

Updates continue to be provided by Apple gradually to users of iPhone-based devices, where it aims to get them a satisfying experience when using their device. And the most recent time is iOS 13.6 .

It is known that this operating system is a replacement for iOS 13.5.5 Beta which was previously released by Apple . And there are features that have not been presented before, namely Carkey. Where for this feature is quite new too, because it was just released along with iOS 14 in the WWDC 2020 event yesterday.

Initially this feature will be presented first on the iOS 14 operating system, but it seems Apple is impatient and wants to offer this feature earlier to users of iOS 13 -based iPhone devices for now. And for Carkey, you can change your device to open the door and start the engine.

For this feature itself can be activated by utilizing NFC technology that is already installed on the iPhone and also some of the latest vehicles. Later, users can simply bring the iPhone closer to the NFC section which is mostly located on the handle to open the door wirelessly.

Even one of the advantages carkey features on iOS 13.6 and will be present in the top version as well, allowing users to get user support for up to 5 people through iMessage. Thus, users do not need to lend a physical key when someone else borrows it, because they can use their own iPhone to access the vehicle.

Then for another feature that is also presented in this latest version of iOS is Apple News Plus Audio. Where through this feature allows users to read and browse a collection of digital magazines and local news available on the Apple News application.

Then there are also improvements to the Apple Health feature on iOS 13.6 , which can now track health symptoms such as headaches, fever, sore throat and others.

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