Often Overlooked, This Is The Danger Of Turning Off Your Computer or Laptop Directly From Power

Often Overlooked, This Is The Danger Of Turning Off Your Computer or Laptop Directly From Power

The power button is the most intimate function of electronic devices, including such as computers or laptops which are used to perform certain activities in the user’s life. However, users are often negligent in pressing the following power button.

Some users choose to turn off the device directly from the following button, because it is considered more instantaneous than having to wait for the shutdown process first. But this is very dangerous, because when the power is immediately cut off, the operating system can have problems, the hardware is the same, especially the hard disk.

Hard disk rotation is very fast, where the average for laptops and computers is 5400 rpm, aka 5400 rotations in a minute. And if you immediately cut off the power, obviously the HDD will stop suddenly, and it is prone to cracks or even breakage.

However, the problem that more often occurs on computers or laptops is the damage to the Windows OS files , where you have to restore them when you turn them back on, and it takes a long time.

However, nowadays there is technology in laptop devices that anticipates such events, where when the power button is pressed, it will not immediately cut off all electricity to the components inside, but instead sends a signal to shutdown.

Because there are some laptop models that already use a keyboard that includes a power button in it, right next to the delete button, and this can be said to be more risky in fact. But if the user is familiar with it, then it won’t be wrong to press it again.

In addition, users can adjust what the laptop does when the power button is pressed. Starting from sleep, hibernate, or maybe shutdown (not recommended). Users can set it by entering Control Panel >> Hardware and Sound >> Power Options >> Choose what the power buttons do.

There are several emergency conditions that force you to turn off directly from the power button, such as a hang or error so that the laptop / computer can no longer be used normally. The trick is to press and hold the button until all the indicator LEDs die.

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