OP Items for Luo Yi that are Coming Soon to Mobile Legends for Free

OP Items for Luo Yi that are Coming Soon to Mobile Legends for Free

After being present on the advanced server for a long time, in the end Luo Yi will be coming soon in a few days on Original Server Mobile Legends . This hero has a support role which can support the battle for the team to get victory.

It was reported that the following new heroes would be present on 17 May 2020, so that it would not be long before. And no need to worry about running out of Battle Points or Diamonds, because the following heroes can be obtained free of charge by each player.

This hero has quite an interesting ability, which can flicker on a large scale in a particular direction. Yes, Luo Yi can move himself and the surrounding team in a certain direction, to escape or enter the war.

Then there is also a combination of “ying and yang” which can be balanced or focused on certain strengths like Lunox. And that can be painful or have a CC effect on enemies. And here are the OP items that can be used to deal more damage.

  • Demon Boots : Which is one of the most important things for hero support as well as a mage
  • Ice Queen Wand : This item can have an additional slow effect, maximizing your 2nd skill becomes more effective and painful
  • Glowing Wand : Later this item can help give a more steady slow effect to Luo Yi, give a burn effect and give greater damage to the opponent
  • Genius Wand : This is a useful support item, where Luo Yi’s extensive skill can cover many enemies to provide a reduced magic defense effect to the enemy.
  • Dominance Ice : Then the defense is also necessary so that Luo Yi does not die easily, this item can provide additional mana and physical defense as well as speed, besides that it can make the enemy slow too
  • Immortality : Finally, you can use immortality during the late game, to prevent you from easily dying without contribution, especially when teleporting a friend.

That is more or less like some of the items recommended for Luo Yi’s use in the upcoming Mobile Legends game . Good luck.

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