Other Functions of the Stylus Pen on Samsung Android Tablets

Other Functions of the Stylus Pen on Samsung Android Tablets

 Smartphone devices currently have large screen sizes, making them suitable for comfortable video and gaming needs. However, for those of you who feel still unsatisfied using Android tablets with affordable prices too much.

Indeed, there is a way to connect an android phone to a TV , but it’s useless because you will only be able to use it in a place, and the touch screen area is still limited. It’s different from a tablet that can be taken anywhere the user wants, and is more responsive to the use of multi-tasking.

For those of you who want a tablet with a complete Stylus Pen but not with a big budget, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite can be the answer. This tablet has been released in Indonesia since last October, and can meet the needs of users for various things.

Most of the functions of this Stylus Pen will be used as an ease in drawing or just writing. However, there are other functions of the sophisticated Stylus Pen on this Samsung Android Tablet because the Pen is identical to that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 .

Using the S Pen, users can use it as needed AR Doodle, Air Action, until handwriting into text. For AR doodle this allows users to edit, write, to draw with S Pen directly on the image that was recorded by the camera.

And for this Air Action feature allows users to use the S Pen like a remote, to move a number of functions. This capability relies on the gyroscope inside the pen which allows the user to control only the device with a hand gesture. For example when you want to switch camera modes from back to front, just swing the S Pen from top to bottom and vice versa.

Then it can also be used to zoom in / out the camera, users can simply make a circular motion with the S Pen in his grasp. Then, there is also a function to convert handwriting into text, and save it in Word, PDF or JPG format.

A series of these advanced capabilities you can get on an Android tablet , the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is priced at Rp. 6.6 million for the 64GB version, and Rp. 7.3 million for the 128GB version. How, interested?

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