Powerful Tips to Control Recoil Weapons in PUBG Mobile

Powerful Tips to Control Recoil Weapons in PUBG Mobile

Despite playing for a long time, recoil is one of the challenges that is still difficult to fix in the PUBG Mobile game. Because indeed movements like this need extraordinary expertise to control it.

For those of you who might still be confused as to what is the most appropriate way to control weapon recoil in this popular shooting game , no need to worry. Can try some of the following powerful tips.

  1. Choose the Right Weapon

For the easiest recoil weapon that is Vector full attachment, which also has a high fire speed and pain damage for close range. However, there aren’t many bullets, so M416 is the second alternative.

Avoid using AKM or Beryl weapons for beginners, because both of these weapons use 7.62mm bullets so the recoil is huge. Likewise with Groza, even though it hurts, but if you can’t control it, it feels futile.

2. Scope

For this scope there are many kinds, and you can choose based on your needs. And for those of you AKM users or other 7.62mm weapons, try not to be in auto mode with the x6 scope. Maximum scope x3 only.

So for weapons with large recoil, you can use short scopes such as RDS, Holo, Scope X2 and Scope X3 only.

3. Appropriate Full Attachment

There are various types of attachments, and it is important to note the problem of grip, stock and muzzle. To get the best recoil, you can use Vertical Grip, Angled Grip, or Thumb Grip. As for Muzzle, use only the Compensator, and add tactical stock for certain types of weapons (M416, Vector, M16A4)

  1. Hold down the Shoot Button

Then when shooting do not just stand still, you can hold it to adjust the enemy movement and recoil. And when shooting in auto mode it will certainly go up on its own weapon, you hold it and aim it down to make it more stable.

  1. Take advantage of Gyro

Not only using the held button, but you also have to use the gyro to control the recoil to be more stable. You can rely on the gyro to follow the enemy’s movements and control the recoil of the weapons used.

Those are the five tips to control the best weapon recoil in the PUBG Mobile game that you can try to apply in the next game . Have a nice play.

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