Privacy Policy created to help you understand how we collect and use the information you enter. By using or accessing AI-22.COM, you accept the matters defined in this Privacy Policy. If you have questions or suggestions about this statement, please contact us through the CONTACT US form .

Information We Collect

When you visit AI-22.COM, you provide two types of information, the information you input and store, and information on the use of the website that we get when you interact with AI-22.COM.

When you enter AI-22.COM, we (a statistical service that we use) collect your browser type, and your IP address. This information was collected from all visitors of AI-22.COM. We also store information from your browser using “cookies”. Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your computer that contain user data. Usually we use it for login operations and keep you logged in for the allotted time. Usually cookies are deleted when your browser is closed.

You enter website content into AI-22.COM at your own risk. Although we make a method of securing data (security), but no one can guarantee all these efforts are perfect and impenetrable. We cannot control other users that you may give access to view your page and information. Therefore we cannot and do not guarantee the content that you input on the website will not be seen by parties who have no rights. You understand that copies of user data, even after being deleted, may be left in the cache and pages saved by either you or another user.

All improper data collection activities and misuse of information on AI-22.COM are violations of the Terms of Service and must be reported to AI-22.COM.

Use of Information Obtained by AI-22.COM

AI-22.COM can process visitor data statistics to determine future steps for AI-22.COM development.

Facebook Connect

When you log in with your Facebook account, AI-22.COM does not record your Facebook username and password. Popups from Facebook protect your Facebook username and password, and the username and password data also cannot be withdrawn after you login.