PUBG Mobile Lightweight Version Even More Stunning

PUBG Mobile Lightweight Version Even More Stunning

To thrash many users of Android-based devices, Tencent yesterday offered a lightweight version of its most popular shooting game, the PUBG Mobile Lite version. For the specifications required to run the following game, not as big as his brother, but with a lot of reduction.

At the beginning of its presence there are still many shortcomings that occur, from graphics to control features that are really overpowered. However, as he rolled out a series of updates made the following game closer to his brother for the experience offered.

  1. Map of New TDM – Ruins

In the 0.18.0 update yesterday a new TDM mode with the Ruins map was also presented, which makes it look more similar than the regular version of PUBG Mobile . In this new map and mode, players can practice shooting and also become a reliable rusher, because there are many effective spots to use in hiding.

  1. New Icons and Lobby

Then there is also an update to the Lobby, where the reset is done on the main menu which is used to commemorate its first birthday. Thus, players will get a more lively look.

  1. Cable Car and Ruins Location in Varenga

Next there is a new transportation that can be used by players to go to certain places without having to walk again. However, this Cable Car is only in a certain location and can only be accessed by players to the designated area as well.

  1. New Weapon

Then there is also a new weapon offered named P90, which for this weapon can be obtained by players only in the Livik map. This is a type of SMG that players can use while riding on a motorcycle as well. Using 9mm ammunition, making this weapon not so worth it for long distances.

More or less that’s a series of updates in the PUBG Mobile Lite game that is similar to the regular version, so that players can get the same experience.

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