PUBG Mobile Presents Map Library in Arcade Mode

PUBG Mobile Presents Map Library in Arcade Mode

After some time before there were leaks regarding the presence of a new map in Arcade mode, in the end the map has been officially presented in the PUBG Mobile game as well. Players can enjoy the thrill of fighting in new locations, full of the latest strategies and tactics in the game.

For those of you who may have played Point Blank in the past, of course you are familiar with this one map, because it was adopted from the game. It was very precise, starting from the spot of the players to the location of the fight.

If you are curious and can’t wait, you can go straight to Arcade mode in the PUBG Mobile game to enjoy the new map. However, the sensation of fighting itself is not the same as TDM, where the team player who gets 40 points first becomes the winner.

Because in this Library mode and map itself, players are required to master all the weapons in PUBG Mobile . Because each weapon can only be used once, with an unlimited number of bullets. You could say this mode is similar to the Gun Game in COD Mobile .

Yes, where players can kill other players using different weapons, for a total of 18 kills. In the beginning, maybe the weapon will be easy like the SMG Uzi, or something like that, and the last one is the Melee (pan) weapon that can kill the enemy in just one hit.

Thus, you are forced to reliably use every type of weapon in the game, not just shooting and relying on AR weapons, but also having to try to use a single bolt sniper in various conditions and positions.

Even though this is already in the next-door shooting game, when it comes to PUBG Mobile , of course the game experience offered is clearly different. Because the realistic problems of the game are not the same, and players can be even more exciting when playing it at PUBGM.

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