PUBG Mobile X Metro Exodus, Prepare Your Mental To Play It

PUBG Mobile X Metro Exodus, Prepare Your Mental To Play It

After not offering cooperation for a long time, finally PUBG Mobile will now present another collaboration with Metro Exodus. Where this is an FPS Horror game full of jumpscare, players have to really prepare mentally to play it.

The developer of this popular shooting game wants to offer a more challenging FPS experience. It can be said that the results of this collaboration will be even scarier than the Zombie, Resident Evil, Godzilla: King of Monsters, Mission Impossible, or The Walking Dead modes.

This can be seen from a trailer that has been uploaded by the PUBG Mobile YouTube channel itself, since August 7, 2020 yesterday. The plan, this will later be a new theme in classic mode in PUBGM games.

For now, there is still the The Ancient Secrets event at PUBG Mobile and will take place on Season 14. While the results of this collaboration are likely to come together with the upcoming Season 15 on September 15, 2020.

And maybe for those of you who are still not familiar with Metro Exodus, this is a horror-themed FPS game that was released on February 15, 2019 yesterday. Even though it has been released for about 1 year, it has received an extraordinary number of enthusiasts, even being nominated several times for the Awards event.

In the following game, it is told that the earth was destroyed in 2035 because of a great nuclear war. Here players will fight mutated beasts that are monster-sized, and there are also human rebels with sophisticated weapons ready to finish off anyone in their presence.

So, what are they like when they are present in a PUBG Mobile map ? Will the players have fun? We look forward to the development of information from Tencent regarding its collaboration with the following horror game.

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