Really horrified! This Reasons May Spur W7 Users to Switch to Windows 10

Really horrified! This Reasons May Spur W7 Users to Switch to Windows 10

As it has been announced since a few months ago, where later on January 14, 2020 there will be no more support from Microsoft for Windows 7 or commonly referred to as W7. Users have begun to be advised to update Windows 10 to get new, more modern features.

Or if indeed the user still wants to use W7 is not a problem, as long as contact to Support to provide special services and definitely have to pay per month. But if not, obviously it would be very dangerous for computer or laptop users who use this old operating system.

Various kinds of dangers also threaten device users with the following Windows 7 operating system. Among them, such as malware infections that take advantage of security holes where Microsoft has no longer patched .

But it would be better and cost-effective even if the user decides to step into a newer version, Windows 10 . Or maybe some of those who still want to use Windows 8 are also not a problem, because there is still support given by Microsoft to the OS, although it can be said that the operating system is one form of failure.

Devices with the Windows 7 operating system that no longer have Microsoft support , obviously will be an easy target for hackers, so the system is also easily exploited if it does not get very good care.

Like what happened in 2017, for example, where there are hundreds of thousands of laptops and computers that are infected with the WannaCry Ransomware virus, where most of these infected devices are known to still be using Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

And as mentioned earlier, where if users still want to use Windows 7 for a while, and postpone the Windows 10 update there are alternatives to staying safe. But only valid until the coming 2023. Where users also have to pay US $ 50 per device in the first year, US $ 100 in the second year, and US $ 200 in the third year. There is no chance after that.

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