Redmi 9C Also Released

Redmi 9C Also Released

Indeed, during the last few years it has only been a hot topic in cyberspace, because it was about to be released. However, in Malaysia Malaysia’s latest upload via its official Facebook account it has been revealed that Redmi 9C was also released at the same time.

It was reported that 9C will also be released in a release event held online today, 30 June 2020. Due to the lack of news regarding the presence of the following cellphones, it still cannot convey too much information on specifications that will be offered in the future.

But if you look at the tagline displayed by Xiaomi in the release poster, that is “Big battery, big display”. So it can be seen that the screen and the battery will be a duo of excellence from the two newest cheap Redmi HP .

Some previous information revealed that the Redmi 9A will indeed carry a battery with a capacity of 5,000 mAh. But if the Redmi 9C still has no leakage what is the capacity of the battery to be embedded, but it seems the same as that of his brother.

As for the Indonesian market itself, it is now preparing to release Redmi 9, which is a regular model. There has been no official statement related to his arrival, but he has just received a TKDN certification, so Xiaomi can sell this device officially in Indonesia at any time.

Due to bringing the MediaTek Helio G35 chip with 3GB of RAM support, it is possible that Redmi 9 will be priced at a million. Likewise with Redmi 9A or his brother, which could be priced starting a million too.

There are still no signs related to the presence of Redmi 9A and Redmi 9C in other markets, including Indonesia. But considering its predecessor, the Redmi 8A is also present in Indonesia with an affordable price tag. So that it does not rule out the successor will also follow even though it takes a long time as a form of preparation.

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