Redmi Y2 also gets MIUI 12 update

Redmi Y2 also gets MIUI 12 update

For the rolling update of MIUI 12 this is done gradually on all Xiaomi cellphones that have support. And this is not the least, where this Chinese vendor is trying to roll it out with a wide range, one of which is the roll over to Redmi Y2 .

Some time ago, the Xiaomi company rolled out the MIUI 12 update to the Mi 8 Lite and Mi Note 3. However, based on the latest data, there are additional new Redmi phones offering the latest MIUI updates too.

Of course this is interesting news for users, because a device that has been released since a few years ago is still getting updates. Moreover, the following is done after  Android Phone also get Android updates Pie.

This MIUI 12 update is rolling on Redmi Y2 users with the build number V12.0.2.0.PEFMIXM. Because it is an old model, it looks like the following update will be the last update that will be provided by Xiaomi .

For users of this cellphone, maybe they are already getting updates because they know the following updates via the notification column. However, if it doesn’t exist yet, you can check it via the Settings >> Software Update menu.

And of course for the MIUI 12 update, users can get more various features, including such as floating windows , New quick reply , Dark Mode 2.0 , multitask which has been improved with the addition of PiP.

Then there is also a visual redesign with the addition of a launcher animation and a new application closing which can now be done more quickly and smoothly than before. Then there are optimizations for the always-on display and more.

It is not yet known whether after installing MIUI 12 on the Redmi Y2 the device will be faster or maybe even object to it. However, to get a more optimal device, it’s clear that users should install the following updates.

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