Revamp Alucard Mobile Legends, Nerf Damage But the Ultimate Is More Horrified

Many old heroes in Mobile Legends have gotten revamp from Moonton, so players can still use these heroes to fight a series of new heroes with more terrible abilities, and CC effects are more interesting.

After yesterday Layla was already in the stage of preparing a revamp to be present at the original server, this time it was Alucard’s turn to get an improvement too. Indeed, it was previously said that Alucard gets reduced damage from each of his skills, starting from 1, 2 and also the ultimate.

However, it turns out you could say that the Alucard update is also in the direction of the buff alias increase. Due to the passive effect has been increased, which was originally increased to 1.2, now 1.5 times, so even more GG.

Even so, Alucard is still not worth it to do farming without using item farming. But as a pro player or maybe you who already understand the use of items in this Mobile Legends game , this Alucard update is arguably more terrible.

In addition to the problem of ultimate skills, where now players can also use it even more easily. That’s because you no longer need to target enemies, but can just issue the ultimate just like that.

The more enemies around him, the damage and spell vamp from Alucard will be even heavier. Even though it was actually still quite inferior compared to Luo Zhong, who was a new hero, and had never been present on the original server. Possible presence soon.

In essence, the renewal of the Alucard hero in the Mobile Legends game is not so tasteful, due to adjustments in terms of the damage balance only. So that if you use the right item, it can even be more horrifying than before. For more details, see the following video.

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