Revamp Hero Saber in Mobile Legends, Cool and So Deadly Now the Skill!

Revamp Hero Saber in Mobile Legends, Cool and So Deadly Now the Skill!

Of the many assassin heroes, Saber seems to be one of the most forgotten in the gameplay of Mobile Legends , because his strength that is not so useful in one by one makes him unfit to be a hero assassin like other similar roles.

Therefore many are lazy to use the hero, so they prefer another hero like lancelot , helcurt , karina , or perhaps a series of other assassin. But it looks like it’s not going forward, because Saber has gone through a really cool revamp.

This hero is now a GG, and can be said to be the opposite of the previous one. Because he can now fight at close range deadly. Even though the change in skills applied is not much, it only happens to skill 1, but can affect all skills.

For Saber’s skill 1, it can now be more flexible, where the 5 swords around him are still the same as before. Only when the player gives a basic attack against the enemy, then the sword will return directly to the saber and deal damage to nearby enemies, especially against the enemy being attacked.

So this new flying sword will run out within a certain period of time or maybe after making 5 attacks on enemies in Mobile Legends . As for skill 2, it’s still the same, stabbing in a certain direction to deal damage to enemies in its path.

In the past when you took out the flying sword, everything would go right back to the saber when stabbing. But now, the sword that returns to the saber when releasing skill 2 depends on the number of enemies that are charged, if there are 2 enemies then return and damage also 2 swords. While 3 other swords will still fly around the saber.

Likewise with the ultimate saber in Mobile Legends after Revamp is also the same as usual, where the enemy tore apart. However, if combined with skill 1, each of the swords will also damage the opponent when the saber launches an attack, so that the resulting damage is even greater.

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