Review of LG UltraFine Display Ergo 32UN880: Monitor for Creative Workers

Review of LG UltraFine Display Ergo 32UN880: Monitor for Creative Workers

Speaking of screens, we certainly know that LG has a good reputation. For example, Droidlime recently purchased a 65-inch LG OLED TV for the office. One of the interesting things is that the quality is “really champion”.

Now, it’s Droidlime’s turn to have the opportunity to taste the monitor. No different from the TV, LG’s monitor is arguably the same champion. We also know that LG has a line-up of monitors and this time the monitor that is mandatory on the Droidlime review table is the UltraFine 32UN880 series.

From the name, this monitor is intended for professionals who are struggling with creative content, especially photo or video editing. The appearance of this monitor is also very interesting. As if UltraFine 32UN880 doesn’t have legs because it doesn’t have a stand.

So, this monitor made by LG is not just placed on the table, but the UltraFine 32UN880 series has a clamp. No need to be confused to clamp this monitor to your desk. The method is very easy and does not need additional tools.

Can be rotated up to 280 degrees

First, when removing this monitor from the box packaging, this monitor will be divided into two parts. There are screens and support legs. Attach the screen to the support leg by plugging it in and there is no need for a bolt to attach the screen to the support leg.

If you want to remove the screen from the support leg it’s also very good. Simply press the “Eject” button. Furthermore, at the end of the supporting leg, LG has provided it with a square plate. This is a square plate that serves to clamp the monitor to your work table.

Maybe some people will say, “how come the impression makes it complicated!”. However, don’t get it wrong. Droidlime, who is just tasting UltraFine 32UN880 for the first time, sees that a monitor like this is more flexible. One thing to watch out for is the thickness and strength of your workbench.

Yes! If we are interested in using this UltraFine 32UN880 monitor, the work table must be thick and strong enough. The reason is, the work table that we use will be the support or handle of this monitor. If it is installed, this monitor will indeed show a more attractive and unique work desk than a regular monitor.

When the UltraFine 32UN880 was installed on the work desk of one of the Droidlime video editors, the impression that appeared this monitor was “semi-floating”. When this monitor is mounted on the work table, we can easily adjust its position in such a way that it is more comfortable to use.

Don’t be surprised! The UltraFine 32UN880 monitor can be rotated up to 280 degrees. Not only that, you can also adjust the screen position to move forward or backward. Dont worry! The height of this monitor can also be adjusted easily. The screen can be bent up to 25 degrees or vice versa.

No less important, UltraFine 32UN880 can also be positioned for vertical pivots. This position is certainly very attractive for those professional workers in the design industry. In the end, this monitor can be said to have a much wider maneuverability than monitors in general.

Have a minimalist design

Then, what about the design of this UltraFine 32UN880? Droidlime considers that this monitor made by LG is fairly minimalist, but looks so elegant. The material adopted is also very solid because of its weight. This can be felt on the round leg supports

So, when you plug this monitor on your desk, it will immediately give the impression of being expensive and premium. Another attraction of the UltraFine 32UN880 is the embedded interface support. All ports are placed on the back, in an open space so it doesn’t make it difficult for users.

In fact, the cables that we attach to this monitor can be hidden. Where to hide those cables? This is an interesting innovation offered by LG. You can hide the cable in the round support leg post.

Well! The interface or I / O port is provided with 2 HDMI, 1 DisplayPort, audio jack, 2 USB Hi-Speed, and 1 USB C. Another interesting thing that LG also offers, the UltraFine 32UN880 has built-in 2x 5 stereo speakers. Watt. However, the sound quality that is released sounds ordinary.

Droidlime also considers that another thing that makes this LG UltraFine series monitor quite amazing is the screen quality itself. As mentioned, this is a highly recommended monitor for editors and designers. Why? Because the accuracy of the color is “really champion”.

Of course we all know that one of the best and most comfortable screens to use for editing photos or videos is the Mac screen made by Apple. However, when this monitor is interpreted with the MacBook Pro 16 using a USB C cable, the resulting colors are exactly the same, and are certainly cool to the eyes.

LG UltraFine 32UN880 specifications

Entering the specification sector, the LG UltraFine 32UN880 has a resolution of 4K aka 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, IPS panel, 5ms response time, 1,000: 1 contrast ratio, 60Hz refresh rate supports AMD FreeSync, 350 nits brightness support HDR10, 95% DCI-P3 color gamut , and an anti-glare coating.

However, Droidlime doesn’t care anymore about the specifications offered because this monitor has color accuracy that is so good for editors and content creators. If you still want to adjust it again, the menu can be accessed via the analog button under the LG logo.

If you look at the Picture Mode menu, there are cinema presets to watch and there are game presets too, namely FPS and RTS. This means that this monitor also seems suitable for playing games. But it should be noted, this monitor does not support high refresh rates. It’s still rare for a 4K monitor that can go up to 120Hz.

Yes! UltraFine 32UN880 is still comfortable to play single player offline games, not competitive games for e-sports. And if you want to use it to watch “drakor” with high resolution (Hi-Res), its HDR support will also be very useful.

Unfortunately, the UltraFine 32UN880 monitor has a brightness of only 350 nits. This means that the 4K HDR content that we watch on this monitor will not be as lively as on a flagship 4K TV. Because after all, the main purpose of this monitor is for photo or video editing work.


In the end, after being used for several weeks by one of the Droidlime video editors, it can be concluded that the LG UltraFine 32UN88 is highly recommended for those who are looking for a monitor with accurate color calibration, high detail, and easy on the eyes for long periods of viewing.

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