Rockstar Mains Start GTA 6 Attendance Code

Rockstar Mains Start GTA 6 Attendance Code

As it is known that the Grand Thef Auto game or commonly known as the GTA series has become one of the most epic adventure games and is in demand by many people. And after yesterday came from the fans, now finally Rockstar parent also gives a sign of the presence of GTA 6 .

Based on the leak delivered by Take-Two as the parent company of Rockstar, this open world adventure game GTA VI will be present in 2023. This information was revealed after in a 10-K SEC file that the company planned to disburse funds of USD 89 million for marketing for 12 months and ended on March 31, 2024.

Obviously that is a very large number just for promotion, so that something that is offered in the future and can be said that something new can be well known and immediately well received by the wider community. If the plan is successful, it is clear that the company will get double the profits from the sale of this product.

Also reported that the amount of the budget from Take-Two is also not the same as other fiscal years, it is estimated that the amount of the budget that will occur in the period 2023-2024 coming two times greater when compared with the marketing budget for companies in the normal year.

As analyst Jeff Cohen of Stephens investment company said, the reason for the Take-Two company is to provide a large target or budget of course to market the upcoming GTA 6 .

Thanks to the abundant marketing costs, expected future levels gained popularity also can be more successful when compared with the previous games, GTA V . With sufficient costs, its presence in the global market is not impossible that can be smooth and done simultaneously.

However, for now it is still not certain, because Take-Two or Rockstar has not stated clearly regarding the presence of the latest GTA 6 game that has been awaited by many.

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