Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Can Love Better Experiences In These 5 Things

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Can Love Better Experiences In These 5 Things

The presence of Samsung Galaxy S20 series in Indonesia seems to have been the answer for mobile lovers who want to enjoy premium quality devices. Samsung has wrapped this all-round premium device, ranging from appearance, specifications to a series of features in it.

Especially for those of you who like photography, which now no longer need to use a digital camera device to capture your best moments. Because just using the Galaxy S20 Ultra alone is enough to produce the best shots. That’s thanks to the embedded 108MP camera sensor.

Not to mention this model has also been equipped with features that support magnification up to 100X, so users can take pictures that are in the distance even though very clearly. As for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 + only equipped with a 64MP main camera, the shots can not be underestimated either.

Then for the issue of endurance, Samsung has buried a battery of up to 5,000 mAh on this new Premium device which has also been supported by super-fast charging technology.

In addition there is also support for Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 which allows users to charge batteries quickly without cables, and also Wireless PowerShare which allows users to charge cellphones / other accessories wirelessly through the back of the Galaxy S20 series, and everything can be clearly identified through the link www. .

Not only good performance and premium design, but you will also get a better experience if you use it for the following 5 things. You must be curious, right? Come on, just know the discussion of each of the following points.

  1. Music

Through the Spotify application or YouTube Music you can listen to a variety of songs that you like in a variety of choices and recommendations from the music streaming platform AI system which is quite simple. But through this Samsung Galaxy S20 series you will get more experience than that.

Thanks to the integration of Bixby Routines with Spotify, the device can provide a special soundtrack that is formulated based on your routine. Thus, you will later get song recommendations that are more appropriate, according to the circumstances and routine activities carried out by the user.

Then there is also the Music Share feature that allows you to get an extended Bluetooth connection to the car audio system or speaker via the Galaxy S20 series. That way, you and your friends can take turns becoming DJs when traveling.

2. Exceptional Video Chat on Google Duo

When you are with your family or relatives separated by distance, no need to worry because now there is a video call service that can be done. And specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S20 series which is already supported by the 5G network, it has gained increased experience to use Google Duo services for the first time.

Now users from the dialer menu can choose the Duo feature to start video calls and enjoy FHD quality. Especially for Google Duo service itself supports communication systems between operating systems like WhatsApp , so users can make calls to anyone.

However, when it comes to participant support, it is clear that Google Duo offers a better experience because in one communication it can reach up to 8 people at once who can be connected at one time.

3. YouTube on 5G

It can be said that the problem of video recording, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series provides a better experience than other Premium Smartphones . Because all three variants have been supported by recording features in quality up to 8K.

It did not stop there, but Samsung also paid attention to the content creators who also use the Galaxy S20 series. This South Korean vendor has collaborated with YouTube , so users can directly upload 8K videos of the recording. Especially with the 5G network support, making the video upload process can be felt faster.

4. Entertainment

And in the entertainment field, Samsung and Netflix have collaborated with famous directors to create bonus content using Galaxy S20 for Samsung users. Not only that, but the next generation of users of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will also get a better experience playing the Netflix program.

That’s because Netflix has provided improved integration of services on the Galaxy Smartphone, allowing users to search for content and accessibility more easily through Samsung Daily, Bixby, and also the Finder.

5. Gaming

In the gaming sector it is no doubt, because the performance is very qualified. With the best Exynos 990 chipset from Samsung, and up to 12GB of RAM support, users can play any game smoothly without lag.

Especially with the support of a 120Hz screen refresh rate that allows users to enjoy smooth gaming . Not to mention the existence of AKG audio support and game booster features that add to the excitement of the user experience in playing.

And in the spring, it is rumored that Microsoft will present the popular game Forza Street to the Galaxy Store. Where for the game itself is the first time present on mobile devices and Samsung mobile users get the chance to enjoy it for the first time. That is one form of cooperation between Microsoft and Samsung.

That’s the five things that you can get a better experience if you use the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. For those of you who might be interested in getting this premium phone, you can find information about purchases and also promos via the link .

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