Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Has a Reliable Camera in Every Way

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Has a Reliable Camera in Every Way

On March 4, 2020, Samsung Indonesia finally provided the Galaxy S20 series to fans in Indonesia. It’s not just the target, but also aimed at those who like photos and videography.

When discussing the issue of performance it has clearly become a standard premium mobile phone, which relies on the Exynos 990 chipset which is slightly higher when compared to the Exynos 9825 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 . However, more tastes occur in RAM, where Samsung already uses LPDDR5 which is the latest and most up-to-date technology for mobile phones today.

And on the front of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series there is a screen that already uses a Dynamic AMOLED 2x Quad HD + panel, with 46.6ms response time support that is claimed to be the best quality in the smartphone industry today. Not only display visuals clearly, but users can use it to play games with a fast finger response.

While on the camera, there is a 64MP resolution sensor on the Galaxy S20 and S20 +, while on the Galaxy S20 Ultra there is a 108MP resolution sensor. Not only large in terms of resolution, but the sensor also offers a variety of other advantages to meet every user’s needs, especially with the presence of 2-3 other embedded camera sensors.

  1. Zoom technology

Samsung Galaxy S20 has Space Zoom technology that utilizes a combination of Hybrid Optical Zoom and Super Resolution Zoom with the help of AI-Powered Digital Zoom. Through this feature, of course, users can get the best shots, even though the object image is in a great distance though.

The existing Hybrid Technology on the Galaxy S20 combines an advanced high-resolution image sensor using the latest lenses, which are indeed made to provide added value to the user rather than the Optical Zoom technology available on previous Samsung phones .

Thanks to this technology, the Galaxy S20 and S20 + can do 3x Hybrid Optical Zoom, and for the Galaxy S20 Ultra even higher, reaching 10x Hybrid Optical Zoom. Coupled with Digital Zoom AI, can increase its ability to be 10X fold.

2. Miss-Binning Technology

Besides the amazing Zoom technology, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is also equipped with a camera sensor that uses Miss-Binning technology. This technology will later combine nine pixels into one, so that the 108MP sensor can produce 12MP photos with better quality.

For larger pixel sizes on this Miss-Binning technology it can also take up more light, reaching 9x as much. Thus for the shots obtained have a very high level of clarity, even though in low light conditions.

  1. 8K video to be excellent

Not only in the sophistication of photography, but the Samsung Galaxy S20 series is also interesting to do video recording. Because this Premium Smartphone has offered video recording up to 8K quality in 30fps.

The ability to record video using the Galaxy S20 series is even recognized by Joko Anwar, who is one of the most famous film directors in Indonesia, through his Gundala films.

“Through the ability to record 8K resolution videos, the Galaxy S20 series is a smartphone that answers the needs of film-makers. The 8K Video Snaps feature also makes it easy for me to compile story boards when giving a crew and talent an initial overview. What’s more, the Galaxy S20 series also has superior performance with support for up to 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM, Dynamic AMOLED 2X, and features for editing movies on-the-go, “he explained.

Thanks to the complete features and capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, making the Smartphone is arguably more than a simple professional camera that is often used by photography and videography lovers.

That’s because it’s not just just having a camera that is reliable for everything, but also has sophisticated specifications to meet every user’s needs in communication, photo / video editing, to find satisfying entertainment content. To find out more specifically and clearly about its capabilities, you can directly visit the link .

Or maybe you can immediately be interested in the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, whether it’s a regular model, S20 + or even the highest with the ability of the most reliable camera, the Galaxy S20 Ultra. If that’s the case, then you shouldn’t miss the range of promos on offer, where you can find out more at the link .

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