Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Results More Than Just an Ordinary Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Results More Than Just an Ordinary Smartphone

Of the many premium devices circulating in Indonesia, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series is one of the best choices for consumers as daily drivers. With its fast performance, this device can smoothly run various activities that users need.

Especially for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra which actually offers the best capabilities than the two siblings. This device has come with a super and reliable camera supplies in all respects . Moreover, this phone is also successful in making the traveler, photographer, until the film director believes in the ability of the cellphone to produce the best shots or video recordings.

Ivan Mario is one of them, where a travel photographer also feels amazed at the sophistication of the features of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Through this new premium Samsung mobile phone , he feels he can capture every precious moment #DiRumahAja in exceptional quality.

In addition, he also felt that this photography was not just his job, but also had become his passion. So that when there are certain interesting moments, of course he will capture them. And when holding the Galaxy S20 Ultra, it feels really cool features, such as support for 8K recording, 108MP camera, Single Take, Super Steady 2.0, to Bright Night Mode.

  1. Not just high resolution video

Indeed the 8K resolution video recording feature is one of the iconic Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra that can capture more moments than just photos. However, Ivan feels that the 8K feature is also useful for photographers, especially for those who like to document the exciting moments of life in a picture frame.

Especially with the Smart View feature, it makes it easy for users to see various kinds of moments that they have successfully recorded on TV with the family, without worrying about going to miss every detail of the captured object.

In addition to taking pictures directly, users can also snap from certain parts in an 8K video with very high quality detail. Users can crop and zoom certain moments with a quality of 33MP resolution.

  1. Don’t Miss the Smallest Details

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra offers a 108MP main camera lens resolution, and of course photographer and photo lovers will be happy about this ability, because they don’t need to bother carrying a DSLR camera with a larger size.

Moreover, this Smartphone device is also very multi-functional, so they can capture a particular moment or object without missing the smallest details. Then you can directly share it with others through social media applications installed on the mobile.

And according to Ivan, the 108MP resolution camera on the Galaxy S20 Ultra is not just steady in terms of numbers alone. But when trying the quality, he felt happy because a diverse collection of colors presented with epic in one frame. And even when enlarged, the picture still looks clear and very satisfying.

  1. Capture Many Moments In 1x Take

It has become a standard for photographers or photo lovers not to take pictures just one take only, because when there is free time later there will be an election, which is the best result that was immortalized earlier.

But apparently this kind of thing is no longer done manually, because the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has a Single Take mode that allows users to get 10 photos and 4 videos with different styles with just one shot.

  1. No Need to Worry Shocks

Most devices will require additional accessories such as stabilizers / dreadlocks to produce the best video recording or shots with clear quality when users take it while moving.

But it doesn’t need to be done anymore, because Samsung has offered Super Steady 2.0 feature on this newest Smartphone, so users can take videos stably even when playing or running though. The vendor has combined AI Motion Analysis technology with Improved Anti-rolling Stabilizer, so the device can produce very stable images.

  1. ot Looking at Light Conditions

Lighting becomes one of the important elements in photography, but some circumstances make excitement delayed because of the weather or unfavorable conditions. But with the Galaxy S20 Ultra there is no need to worry, because it is not obstructed to get the best shots.

Thanks to a larger sensor and the help of the Bright Night feature, Ivan managed to capture the moment of his son who was playing fireworks brightly, not grainy even without using a flash.

Of course, for shots like this is not much done by smartphone devices in general. Because the average will be focused on lighting the fireworks, so the results of the face or the surrounding scenery can not appear clearly.

Besides thanks to a capable camera sensor, of course the results of shots or high-quality video recording is not immune from the support of a capable processor chip that is embedded. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is equipped with the Exynos 990 chip and is supported by the latest generation of 12GB LPDDR5 RAM internal memory that allows users to smoothly perform various activities.

Coupled with the 5,000 mAh battery that is equipped with super fast charging technology, it allows users to hunt good moments in various places all day, without worrying about running out of battery. For more detailed information, please refer directly to the link .

Although its presence in Indonesia has been since the beginning of March 2020, but now it is not too late to get a series of attractive promos in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra purchase package . There are still various kinds of bonuses offered, and if you are interested, you can immediately check in full regarding this promo through the link .

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